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Since November 2006 Rudgwick Lawn Tennis Club has, together with the Rudgwick Cricket and Football Clubs, been part of the Rudgwick Sports & Community Centre ("RSCC"). As such members are able to enjoy use of tennis club playing facilities and the RSCC bar and changing room facilities.

As set out on the Subscription form, membership subscriptions are split between the RSCC and the tennis club. All adult and student members of the tennis club must also be members of RSCC.

The RSCC premises include a large bar area, incorporating two full size snooker tables, pool, darts and two Sky television sets plus a function area. The bar is open every evening and most of the day at weekends and on public holidays. Meals are available at certain times - see notice boards in the bar area for details.

The bar operations are run by Rudgwick Social Club Limited, which is a subsidiary of RSCC and which organises a considerable number of social events including music evenings and quizzes. Members wishing to organise an event are very welcome to book the facilities and make the arrangements.

Entry to the RSCC premises is controlled by personalised electronic keys which are available to all members on payment of a £5 deposit. This can either be paid with your tennis club subscription or separately, direct to the RSCC management team. Electronic keys previously issued will be deactivated on or around 30 April of each year if your new season subscription has not been paid.

The RSCC premises also include four shower/changing rooms for use by the sportsí clubs. Tennis club members who obtain a personalised electronic entry key will find that their key opens the door to the bar area during opening hours and the door to the changing rooms at other times. Members using the changing rooms "out of hours" should ensure that they do not go down the long corridor in the changing room area as they may inadvertently set off the alarm


Rudgwick Sports and Community Centre
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