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Using Floodlights and supply of tennis balls

Because there are no secure facilities at the courts the provision of floodlighting and tennis balls relies upon trust, please ensure that the facilities are used correctly and notify committee members if you see misuse.

Used balls that are stored in the tennis club hut are available for use by all members at any time. If any tennis balls become so dead that they are effectively unusable it would be very helpful if you throw them away.

If you would like to buy any tennis balls please contact Chris Blizard [01403 823371]. Tennis balls are available to members for 4 per tube of 4 balls.

The club is currently experimenting with a policy of providing floodlighting at no extra cost- simply flick the switch in the relevant light box in the tennis hut. However, please respect this policy by not wasting electricity (e.g. light one acrylic court not two, if only one court is in use) and please ensure the lights are switched off after use! NB: they must not be turned on again until they have cooled. Please allow 15 seconds between switching courts on to prevent fuses tripping.

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