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One of our members, Kirk Macey, provides racket stringing services at a very reasonable price. He is able to re-string all types of racket - tennis, squash and badminton and will set the tension at whatever you like best. It is generally recommended that rackets be re-strung regularly - if you are playing with strings that are several years old, why not consider starting the new year with some new strings.

Feel free to contact Kirk direct on 07989 480435 or via email

If you need a new racket or any other sports equipment you may wish to consider going to Jim Hills Sports at Sports Warehouse, Hillside Farm, Billingshurst, RH13 8QN tel 01403 741116. Jim is very knowledgeable and helpful and will be sure to provide you with objective and sensible advice. His prices are very competitive and he is generally willing to provide a discount of at least 10% to tennis club members - simply say that you are a member of Rudgwick Lawn Tennis Club.

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