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Tennis Website Booking System
  1. The court booking system is in the private, membersí area of the website such that it is only available to tennis members
  2. The committee will have an overriding ability for advance block booking of courts for (e.g. every Monday night between 6:30PM & 10PM for club night).
  3. Members may input their membership number for a maximum of two consecutive hours of court play per day. The booking system will not allow further entries beyond two hours. Please do not abuse the system by block booking longer periods using other member names!
  4. No member shall be able to delete another memberís booking. A Member will only be able to add or amend their own bookings.
  5. Formal club events, inter-club matches and coaching take precedence over social bookings and in the event of an oversight by a team captain or organiser to pre book courts, we must ask that any social booking stand down with our apologies. We further must add that in the event that courts 1&2 have been booked for a club event but they become unsatisfactory for safe use due to weather, that event may be moved to the all weather courts 3&4 and any social members will be asked to stand down, again with our apologies.
  6. Courts may be booked on a rolling 7 day system
  7. Members should delete bookings if they are unable to play and should do so at the earliest possible opportunity to allow other members to take up the vacated booking slot.

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